Everson Mumba loses appeal challenging President Michael Sata’s decision to withdraw his recognition as Senior Chief Kalindawalo.

The Lusaka High Court has thrown out an appeal where former Senior Chief Kalindawalo, Everson Mumba is challenging the decision by President Michael Sata to withdraw his recognition.
High Court Judge, Evans Hamaundu has ruled that President Sata acted within his powers to withdraw the recognition of the former senior chief.
Mr. Mumba applied for judicial review for the court to quash the decision by the head of state to withdraw his recognition on three grounds.
Mr. Mumba argued that the decision by the president was illegal, irrational and that procedure was not followed.
He further contended that there was no credible evidence that there was an inquiry that led to the withdrawal of his recognition.
Mr. Mumba asked for an order of mandamus directing the president to re-instate his recognition and restrain the president from recognizing another person as senior Chief Kalindawalo.
But Judge Hamanundu in his judgement dated August 8th, states that according to the law governing chiefs, there is no requirement that the person whose recognition is being withdrawn should be heard before the decision is made.
President Sata withdrew the recognition of Everson Mumba as Senior Chief Kalindawalo on 16 November last year.

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