Ex-inmates share moving experiences

Ex-inmates have appealed to government to put in place policies that will be assisting people when they get out of correctional facilities.

And an emotional mood filled Trinity Praise Cathedral in Chipata as Joseph Sakala and Elizabeth Lungu who are ex-inmates shared their life touching prison experiences.

The duo said that inmates are the most rejected people when they get back to society, a situation which makes some of them to commit other offences so that they get back to prison where they are not rejected.

Mr. Sakala explained that he was convicted by the courts of law to four years imprisonment in 2013 with the offence of making illegal government documents but was later released on parole.

Mr. Sakala says life was so hard for him while in custody and when he came back to society because he lost all his belongings and was rejected by his loved ones.

He urged people and church members to be visiting inmates in correctional facilities to offer spiritual and physical support because life is hard for them.

And Elizabeth Lungu, who spent six months at Chimbokaila after stubbing her husband to death, says the hard times she experienced while in custody has changed her life for better.

Ms. Lungu, who was eventually acquitted of murder in February this year, said that she had become a subject of ridicule because people viewed her as a murderer, a situation which forced her to relocate from Lusaka to Petauke.

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