Expelled MMD former national secretary, Richard Kachingwe accused of being hired to tarnish the image of the former ruling party.

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD Provincial youth Chairperson, Chembe Daka has accused former national secretary, Major Richard Kachingwe of being a PF member.
Mr. Daka says that major Kachingwe is being paid by the PF government to demonise the MMD party.
The provincial youth chairperson says that it is difficult to take action against Major Kachingwe as he does not hold any position in MMD.
He challenged Major Kachingwe to visit Eastern Province if he wants to test his popularity.
Major Richard Kachingwe and Catherine Namugala recently visited the Copperbelt province where they demanded that MMD should hold a national convention to choose a new party president because Dr. Nevers Mumba had failed.

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