Farmers in Chadiza challenge government on FISP

Some farmers in Chadiza district have called on the government to provide full information on FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme.

Headman Samueli, Wickson Mbewe has charged that agriculture is slowly dying in the district because farmers are not given farming inputs accordingly.

Mr Mbewe says that up to now farmers in Chadiza do not know how many bags each of them is supposed to get in a pack since they have been sharing in previous years.

Mr Mbewe says that government needs to improve on how it is managing agriculture because people in rural areas depend on this sector for survival.

The farmers also advised politicians against politicising FISP, stating they need to fulfil what they promise.

Mr. Mbewe appealed to government to ensure that it increases the number of fertilizer bags each farmer will get.

He stated that there is a high chance that prices of fertilizer in shops will be increased and most farmers will not manage to buy.

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