Farmers in Chadiza district told not to sell all their maize

Farmers in Chadiza district have been advised against selling all their maize produce.

Chadiza District Commissioner George Phiri says that this will assist the farmers to avoid falling victim to hunger.

Speaking during the official opening of a two days training workshop for FRA, Food Reserve Agency Depot Clerks in Chadiza, Mr Phiri said money can be tempting but farmers should think of keeping enough maize for household food security.

Mr Phiri told depot clerks to advice farmers not to take maize at the satellite depots until the moisture content reaches the recommended 12.5 per cent.

He said that government does not want to hear reports of farmers spending nights at satellite depots guarding their maize while waiting for the moisture contest to reduce so that they can sale to FRA.

Mr Phiri revealed that 21 Satellite Depots have been allocated to Chadiza district for the purchase of maize by FRA this marketing season.

And Mr. Phiri advised Depot Clerks to avoid all forms of corruption and ensure that they only buy good quality white maize, which is free from live insect pests and foreign matter.

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