Farmers in Chipata complain of being swindled of fertilizer under the Farmer Input Support Program.

The distribution of inputs under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme for this year, has been described as poor.
This is because farmers are getting less number of bags than expected.
Sisinje Ward Councillor, Samuel Lugomo Phiri, says that farmers are sharing one pack, consisting of four bags of fertilizer and a 10 kilogramme bag of maize seed.
Mr. Phiri said that previously, each farmer used to receive a full pack.
He says that this is likely to contribute to poor yields and that the situation has been worsened by the delay by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.
Mr. Phiri also said that the distribution of inputs is too slow.
And Provincial Agriculture Coordinator, PACO, Dr. Obvious Kabinda says that his office has received reports on the matter, and that investigations are underway.
Dr. Kabinda said that each farmer receives inputs according to the number of packs they applied for.
He has also warned that cooperative members who will be found to be stealing from farmers risk losing their jobs.

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