Farmers in Eastern Province advised to seek updated weather forecast during the rainy season.

The Meteorological Department has advised farmers in Eastern Province to seek updated weather forecast during the rainy season.
Provincial Meteorological Officer, John Londolo, says that while the department gives a seasonal forecast, it is broken further into specific periods.
He explained that farmers should not relax after receiving a seasonal forecast, but should constantly visit the meteorological department for latest information as weather patterns, are bound to change.
Mr. Londolo has assured farmers that although forecast for a specific period may change, the information the department gives is accurate and reliable.
Mr. Londolo was responding to some concerns from farmers in Chadiza, who called on the meteorological department to ensure that it gives accurate and timely information on weather patterns.
The farmers explained that this is very important, as it helps them in their planning.
They also urged government to pump more money into the department, to enable it buy new equipment, which can assist officers give more reliable information.

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