Farmers in Kampini Ward of Chadiza District want more fertilizer.

Farmers in Kampini Ward of Chadiza District have appealed to government to give them more fertilizer.
Speaking to Breeze News, the farmers indicated that this is the only way in which their crop yield will increase as soil fertility in the area is not good.
Kampini Ward Councilor, Choke Banda says that increasing the allocation of subsidized inputs will greatly assist farmers to grow more food.
And Mr. Banda bemoaned lack of safe and clean drinking water in the area.
He says that 11 out of 28 villages have no access to safe and clean drinking water, forcing people to drink water from shallow wells and streams.
Mr. Banda described the situation as desperate because people are paying 50 Kwacha per household to access water from boreholes in nearby villages.
Affected villages include Chimpunga, Chitengeni, Yeseya, Lowe, Thebwe, Zembani, Mtusa and Masache.

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