Farmers in Msekera area of Chipata district to have poor harvest.

An assessment carried out on crop damage by a hailstorm in Msekera area of Chipata district has revealed that there will be poor harvest.
The assessment was carried out by officers from the Ministry of Agriculture covering all the field crops ranging from 2 to 19 hectors of each crop.
Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu says that the findings show that sunflower, cotton, tobacco, cowpeas and soya beans fields have the largest damage.
He says that the mentioned field crops have been left with almost nothing with the assessment showing 70 to 80 per cent damage.
Mr. Zulu further says that fields of crops like maize, sweet potatoes, groundnuts and cassava suffered damage of at least between 2 to 60 per cent.
Mr. Zulu added that there is serous soil erosion in the area and that the hailstorm also caused a bit of damage to property belonging to Mrs Catherine Tembo including her house.
The DC however, says that the hailstorm did not cause any damage to livestock.

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