Farmers who sold maize to Food Reserve Agency in Chadiza district protest over delayed payment.

Some farmers in Chadiza district have protested over the delay by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency to pay them their money.
The irate farmers from Chilenga, Nsadzu and Zingalume deports yesterday went to lodge their complaint to Chadiza District Commissioner, Paul Phiri.
Sylvester Phiri who represented other farmers accused ZNFU, the Zambia National Farmers Union of not representing farmers well, in expressing their grievances.
Mr. Phiri says that government is destroying the agriculture industry by not sticking to their promises of paying farmers, who sold maize to FRA on time.
Mr. Phiri wondered why government has concentrated so much on civil servants by increasing their salaries, and leaving out farmers who feed the nation.
He explained that some famers who sold maize to briefcase buyers were better off than those who sold their produce to FRA.
Mr. Banda says that if not quickly addressed, the situation will affect the 2013/2014 farming season because farmers do not have money to pay for fertilizer under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme.
And Chadiza District Commissioner, Paul Phiri could not be reached for a comment by News time as he was out attending to other duties.

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