Federation of the Blind in Chipata demands for a solar powered hammer mill.

Government has been reminded to fulfil its promise in funding the electrification of a hammer mill for Zambia National Federation of the Blind in Chipata.

Chairperson, Samson Njobvu says that it is unacceptable that the hammer has turned into a white elephant due to lack of power.

Mr Njobvu told Breeze News this morning that the visually impaired cannot continue begging on the streets simply because government cannot pay the 66,000 Kwacha power connection fee to ZESCO.

He noted that the federation was now being forced to sell a donated generator, which does not have enough capacity to power the hammer mill.

And Mr Njobvu has asked government to give them a solar powered hammer mill if they have failed to pay the connection fee.

He says that a solar powered hammer mill will be best suited for them to start raising their own money and stop begging on the streets.

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