Fifteen of the 20 Zambians arrested in Malawi for encroaching in Kasungu National Park, return home.

Fifteen of the 20 people of Chief Chanje’s area in Chipata, who were arrested in Malawi for encroaching in Kasungu National Park, have returned home.
Chief Chanje told Breeze News that some of the people, who returned this week, informed him that only five are still remaining in Malawi.
He explained that relatives sold cattle and farm produce to pay the money charged by the Malawian court.
Chief Chanje also explained that some well-wishers from Lusaka have shown interest to assist those that are still in custody.
He, however, called for more assistance, so that those who are still in custody are released as soon as possible.
And Chief Chanje has challenged the Zambian and Malawian governments to quickly find an amicable solution, on how people from both countries will be able to trade across borders without harassment.
He expressed concern that Zambians find problems to freely trade in Malawi, when Malawians come to Zambia and do their businesses without being harassed.
Chief Chanje cited Kabwandile, as one business, where Malawians come to Zambia to sale their merchandise without any serious restrictions.

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