Fight against early marriages in Chief Madzimawe’s area hit challenges.

The campaign on the fight against early marriages in Chief Madzimawe’s area in Chipata has hit challenges.

Chief Madzimawe told Breeze News that the campaign has not received much support from Non- governmental organizations in terms of sponsoring girls and boys to go back to school when they are retrieved from their marriages.

Chief Madzimawe says he has continued campaigning against early marriages in his Chiefdom but the challenge comes in when children have to get back in school because most of them rush into marriages due to poverty.

He says about 15 early marriages have been dissolved in the past two years in his Chiefdom.

The traditional leader however, says he has stepped up efforts to ensure that the victims of early marriages get back to school by mobilizing resources from community members.

He added that he has formed the Madzimawe Foundation which is looking for support and mentorship for children retrieved from early marriages through Facebook.

Chief Madzimawe says the Madzimawe foundation is so far yielding fruits, adding that a 19 year old boy and 17 year old girl whose marriage was dissolved last week have gone back to school with the help of the foundation.

The Chief has however thanked ZCCP, the Zambia Centre for Communication Programmes for offering support through counseling the boys and girls retrieved from early marriages because most girls are hostile and do not want to leave their marriages.

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