Financial challenge hits Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia

A financial challenge has hit EFAZ, Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia.

Provincial Chairperson Franklin Mwale has confirmed stating that this has resulted into EFAZ failing to offer any support to its members.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Mr. Mwale has attributed the financial challenge to failure by TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia  to release the revolving fund for the 2016-2017 season to EFAZ.

He says that the revolving fund will be made available to all tobacco Associations in Zambia once TBZ sells off the tobacco which is stuck in the Chipata main shed.

Mr. Mwale has apologized to all members who were supposed to get support from the Association.

But when contacted TBZ Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe expressed ignorance over the matter.

Mr. Muyembe says that he is not aware of any revolving fund, which TBZ is supposed to give all tobacco associations in the country.

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