Financial problems have continued to face Cheshire Home in Chipata.

Cheshire Home of the disabled children in Chipata has not been receiving funds from government for close to three years now.
The home which is currently accommodating 28 disabled children attending primary school is also not receiving donor support.
Assistant sister in-charge at the home, Judith Chanda says the home is supposed to receive funds from government once or twice per year, which is not being done.
Sister Chanda says that Cheshire Home has to look for money to feed and accommodate children and take those with complications for medical operations.
And Sister Chanda says that the situation where some parents abandon their children at Cheshire home due to the nature of disability has not stopped.
Sister Chanda says that most parents do not come back to pick up their children when they close school.
She explained that the children are supposed to be taken back to their parents during holidays and after a confirmation by the doctor that they are well.

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