Five couples express interest to adopt children

Five couples in Chipata have shown interest in adopting children through the Social Welfare department.

Provincial Social Welfare Officer, Mulemba Kaleyi told Breeze News that three couples are foreigners while two are Zambians.

Ms. Kaleyi says the department has already started the process of how the couples can adopt the children which may take three months for Zambian couples and a year for foreign couples.

She says that for the past two years that she has been in the province, the five are the only couples that have shown seriousness in adopting children.

Ms. Kaleyi says this is a good move as it will assist reduce the number of children on the streets.

Ms. Kaleyi explained that the idea of adopting children which has been existing for a long time has not been taken seriously by most people because of the strong ties to the extended family.

She says adopting a child is the best way because it makes people become legal owners of the children.

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