Flash floods hit some parts of Mambwe district

Flash floods hit some parts of Mambwe district over the weekend causing damage to crops, which were submerged in water.

Provincial Meteorological Officer, John Londolo confirmed this to Breeze News, stating that affected areas included Chikowa in Chief Jumbe.

Mr. Londolo says that the flash floods were caused by heavy rains experienced in the plateau areas of Chipata district.

He says that the floods lasted for about one hour before subsiding, which was not long enough for crops to be badly damaged.

However, some residents in Chiwawatala area in Chief Kakumbi say that they were equally affected and crop fields remained flooded for almost the whole day.

Meanwhile Mr. Londolo says that the Meteorological Department does not foresee any serious floods in Eastern Province as the weather pattern has now returned to normal rain season.

He says that serious tropical cyclones in Madagascar, which were affecting rainfall activities in Eastern and Southern Provinces have now cleared.

Mr. Londolo says that farmers should not lose hope that

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