Food Reserve Agency says quick payment to farmers will depend on cash flow

The Food Reserve Agency FRA says payment to farmers selling produce will be done two weeks after delivery of maize.
Speaking to Breeze News, FRA Marketing Officer for Eastern A, Esau Sakala that this will however, depend on the flow and release of funds by the treasury.
Mr. Sakala says that it is not the intention of FRA to keep farmers waiting for payment for a very long time.
And Mr. Sakala has advised farmers who intend to sell maize to FRA to ensure that they properly clean their produce to avoid delays.
He says that it is disappointing that despite efforts that FRA puts in to educate farmers to properly clean their maize, most of them ignore this advice.
And Mr. Sakala says that FRA will this marketing season operate 84 satellite depots in Eastern A, which consists of Chama, Chadiza, Chipata, Lundazi and Mambwe districts.
Twenty-eight depots will be opened in Chipata, 21 in Chadiza, 19 in Lundazi, 12 in Chama and 4 in Mambwe district.

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