Foreign mine companies accused of reaping off Zambians

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has accused foreign mine companies of reaping off Zambians.

Mr. Kasolo says that mines in Zambia should be run by Zambians so that the country reaps maximum benefits.

Speaking during a ZESCO Cocktail in Chipata last evening, Mr. Kasolo says that he could not understand why some mine companies are reluctant to pay new electricity tariffs.

He says that copper prices were currently at their highest on the international market.

And Mr. Kasolo urged ZESCO to ensure that it explains properly why it has increased electricity tariffs because the adjustment has been received with mixed feelings.

He stated that the provincial administration is ready to work with ZESCO in ensuring that the power company delivers its services to its customers.

And speaking during the same occasion, ZESCO Director for Distribution Dennis Banda indicated that the power company is improving power supply to attract investment.

Mr. Banda also explained on the lifeline tariff, which is meant to assist low income households.

He implored ZESCO customers to maintain the switch and save policy to conserve power.

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