Forestry Department accused of breaching tree planting contract.

The Forestry Department has differed with Green Fingers, a company dealing in tree seedlings.
Green Fingers Director Ruben Zulu has accused the Forestry Department of breaching an agreement where his company was hired to raise 25,000 tree seedlings for planting in Nyimba district.
Mr Zulu told Breeze News that the Forestry Department has refused to buy the seedlings under the pretext that there are no rains to facilitate the planting of trees.
He alleged that the Forestry Department was paid money by RDA, the Road Development Agency for the tree planting exercise.
Apparently, the tree seedlings were supposed to be planted in areas where Condrill Construction, a company hired to work on the Petauke-Nyimba stretch of the Great East Road cut trees to facilitate road works.
But Provincial Forestry Officer, Joyce Mukombwe denied hiring Green Fingers to raise tree seedlings and receiving money from RDA for the works.
She challenged Green Fingers to produce evidence that it had entered into an agreement with the Forestry Department.
Ms Mukombwe however, admitted that she was aware of a tree planting exercise in Nyimba but indicated that lack of rains has made the exercise impossible.

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