Forestry Department intensify patrols of protecting trees from charcoal burners.

The Forestry Department has intensified patrols in Eastern Province to curb rampant cutting down of trees.
Acting Provincial Forestry Officer, Kanyata Chilembo told journalists that this is in light of the increased power load shedding being experienced in the country.

Ms. Chilembo says that it is important for people to bear in mind that the power deficit in the country is due to reduced water levels and that this has come about as a result of climate changes.
She says that the climate changes have been brought about by various factors such as tree cutting.
Ms. Chilembo says the power outages being experienced is even more reason why people need to stop cutting trees indiscriminately.
She further commended organizations such as COMACO, and Total Land Care for coming up with initiatives to address the issue of charcoal burners.
Ms. Chilembo says that there is need for such concerted efforts to look at more sources of sustainable energy.

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