Forestry Department says it will not reduce charcoal order prices

The Forestry Department in Eastern Province says it will not reduce the order price for charcoal despite complaints from traders in Chipata.
Provincial Forestry Officer, Sylvester Siame says that this is because the department has not revised the order prices.
Mr. Siame explained that what has been revised is the unit value for fees, fines and penalties from 20 ngwee to 30 ngwee by the Ministry of Finance.
He explained that the increase in unit value for fees, fines and penalties has pushed up all products in the Forestry Department.
Mr. Siame says that this means that only the Ministry of Finance can address the matter because the changes were made through a Statutory Instrument.
He also dismissed claims from the charcoal traders that the move was made to discourage charcoal business.

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