Former Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary George Zulu denies being frustrated over his demotion.

Former Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary George Kanyamula Zulu has dismissed reports that he is bitter with President Edgar Lungu for relieving him of his position.
Mr. Zulu told Breeze News that he has accepted Mr. Lungu’s decision to appoint him into the Foreign Service as Zambia’s high commissioner to Australia.
He says that his Foreign Service appointment is not a demotion because he will enjoy the same conditions of service like before when he was permanent secretary.
Mr. Zulu says that it is important for the president to appoint young people to leadership positions just like he has done with the new foreign affairs PS Lombe Chalwe.
And Mr. Zulu has also dismissed reports that Paramount Chief Mpezeni is unhappy that he was dropped as PS for foreign affairs.
Mr. Zulu says that the paramount chief is happy with his new appointment into the foreign service and has commended President Lungu.
President Lungu last week appointed Mr. Zulu as Zambia’s high commissioner to Australia and replaced him with former director for political affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lombe Chalwe.
However, reports suggest that Mr. Zulu was not happy with these changes and went to complain to Paramount Chief Mpezeni so that he could talk to president Lungu.

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