Former Vubwi Member of Parliament Eustakio Kazonga appears in court for theft by public servant.

Former Vubwi Member of Parliament Eustakio Kazonga today appeared in the Chadiza Magistrate court for theft by public servant contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Kazonga between 1st and 28th February 2012 stole a hummer mill worth more than 21 thousand Kwacha.

Kazonga 55 who resides at plot 6317 woodlands in Lusaka, a politician and a Biostatistian denied the charge.

However the state has asked for the adjournment of the matter as the state prosecutor who was supposed to handle the case was transferred to Nyimba and that the new prosecutor is not yet in the district.

And Kazonga through his lawyer Valentine Kabonga said that the authorities should be taking such issues seriously because the accused is wasting a lot of money in the case.

Kabonga argued that such cases do not need a lot of time for a prosecutor to asses and has asked the prosecution department to organise 3 witnesses before Friday so that the matter should come up for plea.

And resident Magistrate Fabian Likulunga has asked the state to summon 3 to 4 witnesses so that they should testify in the matter.

Magistrate Likulunga has set Friday, May 9 as the date for plea.

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