Forty-four people identified as perpetrators of illegal Mkula trade in Eastern Province

Over 60 people have been arrested in Eastern Province for trading in Mkula logs this year.
Eastern Province police commissioner, Eugine Sibote says that police have also impounded 28 trucks that were carrying Mkula logs so far.
He explained that in an effort to curb the illegal trade of Mkula, police have identified about 44 people from various districts that have been involved in the trade.
Mr. Sibote says that police will be following the activities of these people adding that people dealing in the Mkula trade have been declared enemy number one by the police.
He warned that police will ensure that all those involved in the trade are dealt with according to the law, regardless of their position in society.
Commenting on allegations that some security officers are corruptly aiding those involved in the trade, Mr. Sibote says that the law does not favour anyone.
He explained that once caught up, the security officers will also face similar charges without favour.

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