Four companies in Chipata convicted for various tax offences.

Four companies in Chipata are among 28 companies that have been convicted for various tax offences in the country.
This is according to a statement availed to Breeze News by Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba.
The companies from Chipata, which appear on the list of those convicted, are Kavulamungu Bargain Centre, Ally and Sons, Mikalile Trading Limited and Johabie and Brastone Company Limited.
Offences committed by the 28 companies include failure to use cash registers, failure to issue tax invoices, false representation under the Customs and Excise Act, smuggling, and forgery.
Mr. Yamba says that following numerous reports of non-compliance with various tax statutes, ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority was instructed to strengthen surveillance and compliance activities to ensure that conviction of offenders was secured as swiftly as possible.

He says that the 28 companies were convicted for the period January to October, 2015.

Mr. Yamba has congratulated ZRA for successfully securing the conviction of the 28 wholesalers, retailers, service providers and individuals.

He has urged ZRA to not only enhance tax education but also to sustain surveillance and tax compliance programs while ensuring that all offenders are arrested and taken to court for relevant remedial action.
Mr. Yamba has pointed out that citizens have a duty, especially in their interaction with retailers, to demand a receipt or tax invoice whenever they purchase a good or service from retailers, wholesalers, or other eligible businesses.
He says that the treasury will not tolerate the wanton disregard of tax laws.

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