Four government workers face dismissal for certifying shoddy works of government projects.

Four government workers are facing dismissal for certifying shoddy works of government projects.
Speaking during Budget Tracking programme on Breeze FM this morning Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that the four misled him into approving payments for poorly done projects.
Mr Kasolo says that it is disappointing that his office has received documents to be signed for payments of projects were government is losing money.
The Permanent Secretary has warned that his office will take punitive measures against officers who agree to shoddy works and certify them for government’s payment.
Mr Kasolo further says that he will not sign any certificate for any work done in the province without inspecting the projects himself.
And Mr. Kasolo observed that local contractors are failing to properly execute projects because they only relay on government to fund the projects.
He noted that foreign companies are able to complete projects using their own money and get payment from government after the project has been completed.
Mr. Kasolo revealed that the project of constructing Lundazi District Hospital has stalled because local contractors who were given contracts to do phase two and three of the works do not have money.
He attributed delay by government to pay contractors to economic shocks, the funeral of late President Michael Sata and the Presidential election which he says gobbled colossal sums of money.
And Mr. Kasolo has condemned the system of awarding contracts from Lusaka stating that it becomes difficulty for his administration to monitor the projects.
And contributing on the programme, callers commended government through for the good road works going on in the province
They however, called on government to make timely payments to the contractors.

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