Four men plead guilty to possession of a fragmented bomb.

Three businessmen of Chongwe District and a Katete resident have pleaded guilty to being in possession of a fragmented bomb.
Appearing before Katete Magistrate in-Charge Mary Musongole was Dennis Mwanza a peasant farmer aged 30, Stanley Tembo 22, Terry Moono 39 and Mukela Litunga 26.
The four accused persons who were appearing for the commencement of their case trial appealed to court to have their charge read and permit them to take fresh plea.
Mwanza, Tembo, Moono and Litunga told court that they wished to accept the charge levelled against them as they did not fully understand what their case meant when they first appeared before court.
The three businessmen and a peasant farmer stood charged with one count of being in possession of a prohibited article contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offense where that Dennis Mwanza, Stanley Tembo, Terry Moono and Mukela Litunga on November 15, 2015 while in Katete jointly and whilst acting together had in their possession a prohibited article namely a fragmented bomb without lawful authority.
Presenting Facts before Katete Magistrate in-Charge, Public Prosecutor Baswel Goma told court that the four accused persons were arrested by members of the public who saw them dismantling the fragmented bomb.
In Passing Judgement Magistrate Musongole ordered Mwanza, Tembo and Litunga to pay 35, 500 penalty units or serve a jail sentence of two years with hard labour in default for having shown no remorse of what they did.
She further ordered Moono to pay 37, 500 penalty units or in default serve a sentence of one year imprisonment with hard labour.

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