Four oil marketing companies in trouble for violating Energy Regulation Act.

Four oil marketing companies are facing penalties after violating license conditions and technical standards of the Energy Regulation Act.
These are Mount Meru Petroleum Limited, Juba Transport Limited, Samfuel Limited and Kobil Zambia Limited.
Energy Regulation Board ERB Public Relations Manager, Kwali Mfuni has told Breeze News that the four licensees were summoned to answer to the allegations.
Ms. Mfuni says that Mount Meru was summoned in connection with transporting petroleum products after the stipulated time of 18 hours.
She says that the tanker for Mount Meru was involved in a road accident around 23:30 hours enroute to Kawambwa to deliver 7,000 litres of petrol, 6,000 litres of diesel and 27,000 litres of paraffin.
Ms. Mfuni also says that Juba Transport was summoned for allegedly allowing syphoning of fuel from a tanker at an undesignated location, which resulted in a massive spillage.
And on Samfuel, Ms. Mfuni says that the licensee was cited for selling fuel at its storage depots in Ndola and Kitwe, which are not licensed by ERB as petroleum sale points.
Kobil was also asked to show cause why enforcement action should not be carried against the Oil Marketing Company for selling fuel at Yexley Luangwa without a license from ERB.
The ERB Public Relations Manager says that enforcement action to be taken against the four licensees following the hearing will be communicated after further consideration of the Board of ERB.

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