Four people acquitted on murder and aggravated robbery charges.

Four people of Petauke district yesterday walked to freedom after being acquitted on one count of murder and two counts of aggravated robbery.
The Chipata High Court however, convicted the fifth suspect to 15 years imprisonment on one count of aggravated robbery.
The five were jointly charged together in three counts of two aggravated robberies and murder committed in separate incidences at Barza Ulye Shop and Petauke Filling Station.
High Court Judge, Fulgence Chisanga said that she had acquitted Davy Zimba, William Phiri, Lulu Phiri and Samson Phiri because the state failed to prove to the court that the four were involved in the two robberies.
She castigated the police for failure to get finger prints on objects to prove that the suspects were the ones who committed the offences during the time.
And Judge, Fugies Chisanga said that she had decided to convict Christopher Mwansa because the safe and shelve that were stolen from Barza Ulye Shop were directly linked to the suspect.
Particulars of the offences are that on, 23rd March, this year, unknown people broke into Barzar Ulye Shop in Petauke and stole over 117 million Kwacha cash and goods worth 177,000 Kwacha, all valued at over 5 million Kwacha.
And on 9th April, this year, suspected robberies broke into Petauke filling station through the back window and killed a security guard, Jabesi Phiri and stole assorted goods and drinks.

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