Four teachers in Petauke district arrested over examination malpractices.

Four teachers in Petauke district have been picked by police in connection with grade nine examination malpractices.
Eastern Division Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. Sibote named the suspects as Evans Musonda a head teacher, Moses Sakala, a senior teacher, Evaristo Banda and Stevas Phiri all of Mwambula Shamatala Primary School in Petauke.
Mr. Sibote says the four were picked up yesterday after authorities from the District Education Office discovered some missing papers in all the subjects left in their custody.
Mr. Sibote explained that the four were each given keys to the office were the examination papers were being kept and the only access to the room was to be opened by all the four keys.
He says that police were left with no option but to arrest the teachers when people from the DEBs office found that the lock was intact but the examination papers that were sealed had been opened and some papers removed.
Mr. Sibote says police suspect that the teachers connived and wanted to leak the papers since the locks were to be opened by all the keys.
And the Police Chief has condemned the act of exam malpractices, saying it has a negative effect on the performance of the pupils adding that police will not spare any person involved.
Meanwhile a 32 year old man of Mambwe district has been arrested for allegedly murdering his 87 year old grandfather.
Eastern Division Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote says Abidon Phiri allegedly murdered his grandfather, Richard Zulu of Alick Village in Senior Chief Nsfeu’s area yesterday after suspecting him to be a wizard.
He says the incident happened when Phiri started beating his grandfather with a stick until he injured him and the old man died from his village.
Mr. Sibote says police picked up the body and took it to Kamoto Hospital Mortuary,
Mr. Sibote has warned people from taking the law into their own hands.
He also warned young people to stop suspecting any old person they see to be a witch but give them respect.

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