FRA depots in Sinda district cut by half

The total number of depots in Sinda District has been reduced from seventeen to eight.

Sinda District Agriculture Coordinator DACO, Henry Mukulumoya says this is an indication that FRA, the Food Reserve Agency might not buy a lot of the crop to encourage private sector participation.

He mentioned Kasambandola, M’ngomba, Seya, Chitawe, Nyanje, Mchembwe, Makina and Chikalawa as proposed buying points in the district.

He was speaking during a one day stakeholder’s consultative meeting in Sinda.

Meanwhile, Chieftainess Nyanje has called on government to expedite the distribution of farming inputs in the 2017/2018 farming season.

She says that in the 2016-2017 farming season, government delayed in distributing farming inputs to farmers in the district.

The traditional leader explained that the delay has greatly affected small scale farmers, who only rely on FISP, the Farmer Input Support Program.

And the DACO says the late delivery of inputs to farmers was because his office received seed late.

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