FRA reduces depots in Chadiza district

The Food Reserve Agency FRA has cut by half the number of satellite depots that it will use to buy maize in Chadiza district this marketing season.

Chadiza District Commissioner, George Phiri says that the agency has reduced the depots from 22 to 11 due to low number of maize purchased last year.

Mr. Phiri revealed this during a meeting for women farmers in Chadiza yesterday.

He explained that some satellite depots did not record any maize purchase last year because some farmers opted to sale their maize to private buyers.

The district commissioner says that government spent a lot of money on FRA workers, who never recorded any maize purchase in their depots.

He says that only depots that managed to buy some maize will be maintained.

And Mr. Phiri has encouraged women to take a leading role in farming business.

He says that government is ready to support women who have positive mind in farming adding that it will ensure that they have access to land.


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