FRA to buy more maize in Eastern Province

The 2016 target for maize that will be purchased from farmers in Eastern Province has been increased by ten per cent.

Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo told Breeze News that government has increased the target for maize to be purchased from last year’s 900 thousand by 50 kilogram bags to 990 thousand by 50 kilogram bags of maize this year.

Mr. Kasolo says that he is hopeful that FRA, the Food Reserve Agency will meet the intended target or exceed in an event where farmers will still have enough maize to sale by the time FRA meets its target.

The Permanent Secretary, reiterated that last year, the province managed to purchase slightly over 980 thousand by 50 kilogram bags, instead of the targeted 900 thousand bags of maize.

And Mr. Kasolo says preparations are underway for FRA to start buying maize from farmers in the province.

He says that the agency is currently recruiting staffs in readiness for the 2016 maize buying exercise.

Mr. Kasolo says FRA is ready to buy all the maize from farmers as soon as the produce meets the required moisture content.

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