FRA to start buying maize on Monday

The Food Reserve Agency, FRA says it will start buying maize and rice from farmers on Monday next week.

FRA Public Relations Manager, Daniel Msoka has confirmed to Breeze News in a Press statement that this was resolved yesterday during a board meeting held in Lusaka.

Mr. Msoka says the Board also noted that as directed by government, FRA will purchase 1 million metric tonnes of maize at 85 Kwacha per 50 kilogram bag and 2,100 metric tonnes of paddy rice at 60 Kwacha per 40 kilogram bag.

Mr. Msoka however, says the Agency has noted that some areas have already attained maize moisture level while others have not.

He encouraged farmers to take their maize and rice to designated depots near them, adding that farmers whose grain has not yet attained the 12.5 percent moisture content should start cleaning their grain in preparation for delivery to the depots as soon as the ideal moisture content is attained.

Mr. Msoka says the Agency has maintained the number of satellite depots of 1,223 and recruited 6,115 season trained staffs.

He says all the storage sheds have been made ready and reminded farmers that payments shall be made within a space of 14 days from the date of delivery.

The FRA spokesperson says all requirements such as cotton, empty grain bags for this year’s marketing season will be made available to the farmers.

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