FRA to start paying farmers this week

Government says it will start paying farmers who sold maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency this week.

Agriculture Minister, Given Lubinda confirmed this to Breeze News in a telephone interview.

Mr. Lubinda says this is because two weeks has elapsed since the agency started buying maize from farmers.

And Mr. Lubinda says plans are underway to decentralize Farmers’ Day celebrations to provinces and districts in the country.

He says the first Farmer’s Day celebration in Zambia, which was held yesterday in Lusaka, is a good start for the event.

Mr. Lubinda says he is proud to be the first Minister to introduce Farmer’s Day celebrations since Independence in Zambia and will ensure that it spreads to other parts of the country.

His comment comes after various concerns from farmers on why government has not attached much importance to celebrating Farmer’s Day.

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