Freedom fighters celebrate Africa Freedom Day

Freedom Fighters in Chipata have observed that Zambians are now free to mix with Europeans following the scramble for Africa from the colonial rulers.

Chipata District Freedom fighters Secretary Mathews Kilion Tembo, told Breeze News that things have changed after the scramble for Africa as Zambians are now free to mix with people of other races in class and places of work.

Mr. Tembo says it is important to celebrate Africa Freedom Day because the country is now free.

Mr. Tembo says 25th May is celebrated as Africa Freedom Day to remember the day when African leaders went to Addis Abba Ethiopia to make the OAU, Organisation for African Union in 1963.

He says it is because of the struggles that African leaders went through in kicking out the Europeans that has resulted in most countries being free.

And President Edgar Lungu this morning led dignitaries in laying wreaths in memory of foreign heroes at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka.

This year’s 54th, Africa Freedom Day is being celebrated under the theme “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in the youths”.

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