Freedom fighters in Chipata unhappy

Freedom fighters in Chipata district have condemned the decision by government not to celebrate Heroes Day, which is today and Unity Day which will be tomorrow at district level.

Freedom Fighters Association Chipata district Chairperson, Anderson Agrippa Zulu told Breeze News that freedom fighters are disappointed that the Heroes and Unity days are not being celebrated at the grassroots.

Mr. Zulu says the two days were set aside to be public holidays by the government because they are important days for every Zambian to celebrate their heroes.

Mr. Zulu says not observing Heroes and Unity days at district level is slowly killing the history of the nation because young people will not learn politics of the nation before and after independence.

Mr. Zulu says the days are also important because government remembers people who died for the freedom of the nation and freedom fighters, who are still alive.

Mr. Zulu appealed to government to ensure they start celebrating Heroes and Unity day so that the country’s history is preserved.

And when contacted for a comment, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says the province relies on directive from cabinet office to hold celebrations for public holidays.

Mr. Kasolo says his office did not receive any directive from cabinet office to celebrate the Heroes and Unity days.

The Heroes and Unity days are celebrated in Zambia to reflect and meditate on the dead and living heroes and also to self-guide the nation’s freedom, peace and unity.

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