Fuel shortage has hit the rural district of Chadiza.

Chadiza district has been experiencing erratic supply of petrol for the past two days.
And fuel dealers have taken advantage of the situation to hike prices, with a 2.5 litre container being sold at 30 Kwacha and a 5 litre container at 70 Kwacha.
S.G filling station Company Manager, Ben Mwansa however, says the district is expected to have the commodity today.
Meanwhile, some Chadiza residents have bemoaned lack of competence in maintaining enough fuel stocks by the only filling station in the rural district.
Kezias Zulu and Elias Tembo say that the shortage of fuel will only end when more filling stations start operating in the area.
The duo has called for investors to invest in the district stating that Chadiza is now developing while the population has increased.

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