Future of tobacco industry in Eastern Province gloomy

The future of the tobacco industry in Eastern Province still looks gloomy as no new companies have expressed interest to invest in the region.
Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ says it has not yet received information of new companies coming to buy tobacco from farmers in Eastern Province.
EFAZ Provincial chairperson Franklyn Mwale however, told Breeze News in Lundazi that the association is about to engage TBZ, the Tobacco Board of Zambia on the matter.
He further stated that he will also inquire as to when the floors will open and who are expected to run them.
Mr. Mwale said that there is need for TBZ to protect farmers by ensuring that companies deposit security funds in TBZ account before starting to buy tobacco as most merchants fail to pay farmers.
Last year, two major tobacco companies pulled out from Eastern Province.

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