Government advised to research on best seeds for each region before distributing to farmers.

Government has been urged to be doing assessments on preferred and suitable type of seeds for various provinces before distributing inputs under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Program.

Davison Zulu and Bernard Banda of Chikando farming block during a meeting in Chief Chinunda’s area, observed that government just distributes any seed available, without considering what type of seed farmers in a given area prefer.

They explained that as farmers prepare for planting, they are usually aware of what seed varieties have better yields and suitable for their areas through experience and research, but are surprised that most times, they are supplied with other varieties which they do not prefer.

They said that farmers are aware of what seeds are more suitable for their areas through interactions and demos by extension officers.

The farmers said that extension farmers should be allowed to take a lead in guiding what type of seed should be sent to their agricultural camps.

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