Government advised to work on economic reforms

Government has been challenged to work on economic reforms that will address the poor performance of the Zambian Kwacha.
Civil Society for Poverty Reduction CSPR, Provincial Chairperson, Virgil Malambo has told Breeze News government has a responsibility of ensuring that the country has a stable economy.
Mr. Malambo says that CSPR is disappointed that government allowed ERB, the Energy Regulation Board to increase the price of fuel
He says that it is clear that the negative impact of the fuel price adjustment will be more severe on poor Zambians as the prices of most basic commodities will go up.
And CSPR Provincial Coordinator, Maxson Nkhoma says that his organisation is seriously getting concerned on the current economic outlook of the country and its negative effects on development and poverty reduction.
Mr. Nkhoma says President, Edgar Lungu needs to tell the nation on what economic policy measures the government is undertaking to address the situation.
He observes that going by a number of recent unfolding events such as the issue of load shedding which has affected production, many Zambians are likely to lose their jobs while the fuel price increase will increase the cost of doing business and worsen poverty levels.

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