Government asked to clarify if the export of mealie meal has been banned.

Government has been asked to clarify if the export of mealie meal has been banned.
Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI President Thomas Mtonga says the chamber is only aware of the ban on the export of maize.
Mr Mtonga was speaking to Breeze Business News following the strong stance which government has taken on traders exporting mealie meal to neighboring countries.
Mr Mtonga stated that it is also important to note that government had encouraged farmers to sell maize to private companies during the last marketing season.
He says that there is a high possibility that companies who bought some of the maize could have processed their grain into mealie meal, which they are now trying to export.
Mr. Mtonga also noted that EPCCI has observed that there are trucks from Malawi that have been coming into the country to collect large quantities of maize.
The EPCCI President however, noted that it is important for business people to respect government’s decision if it has decided to suspend the export of mealie meal to maintain food security.

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