Government asked to rehabilitate M’noro-Mnukwa road

People of Chief Kapatamoyo’a area in Chipata have asked government to work on M’noro-Mnukwa road.

Kennedy Mwale of Chongololo Village says that the road has remained in a deplorable state for a long time.

He says the road is very important to people of the two chiefdoms, as it joins them to other areas and Chipata town.

Mr. Mwale also noted that due to the absence of proper bridges, pupils from Chongololo, Chikwala Kelevasi and Sacia find challenges to attend class at Chisomo Primary School.

He noted that the people also find serious challenges to take their farm products to markets due to the poor state of the road and bridges.

Mr. Mwale also says people in the area are ready to contribute the 25 percent required from community members on developmental projects.

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