Government asked to start constructing houses in rural areas

Chief Mnukwa of the Ngoni people has asked government to start constructing housing units in rural areas.

Speaking during an Early Childhood Education workshop held in Chipata yesterday, the chief says government should not concentrate on building better houses in towns only.

He says building bigger houses in rural areas will reduce defilement cases, which normally happen in villages because families share small houses.

The chief says it is common knowledge that people in the rural areas have continued to build one roomed houses accommodating a large family.

And Chieftainess Kawaza of the Chewa people supported Chief Mnukwa’s proposal, saying government should come up with a deliberate policy to encourage people to be constructing better houses to lessen child defilement cases.

Chieftainess Kawaza says traditional leaders have started sensitizing their subjects to build partitioned houses in order to avoid cases of defilement.

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