Government assures to build Chief Mpezeni a palace

Government has assured people of Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area that it will ensure that the institutional house for the chief is completed once started.

Provincial Traditional Affairs Officer, Pethias Kakoma, says that government is committed towards the building of the house, but that people must also do their part by contributing materials such as sand and stones, as the project is labour based.

Mr. Kakoma says that people in the area must take interest in the project, as they will also be involved in monitoring its progress.

Mr. Kakoma said this at Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s palace when he held a meeting with headmen to educate them on the project.

He disclosed that about one million, three hundred kwacha has been disbursed to the province to construct palaces for chieftness Nyanje, Paramount Chiefs Mpezeni and Kalonga Gawa Undi.

Mr. Kakoma was responding to a concern from one of the community members, Mgemezulu Jere, who expressed concern that other projects were started but never completed.

Mr. Jere said that uncompleted projects are a source of frustration to community members who contribute upfront materials.

He also called on the department of chief’s affairs to consider putting similar projects on contract basis.

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