Government back teachers from Nyimba, who abandoned their school following gruesome murder of their colleague.

Government has backed the decision by teachers from Mulilo Primary School in Nyimba district to abandon their work after their colleague was murdered in cold blood.
Education, Science, Vocation Training and Early Child Education Minister, Dr. John Phiri says that the teachers have done well to abandon the school so that the community learns from their mistakes.
He says that it is sad that a teacher was murdered in that manner adding that it should serve as an example to other communities to stop taking the law in their hands.
Dr. Phiri says that the teachers from Mulilo Primary will only resume work if the Chief and the community leaders, assures government that the teachers will be in good hands.
Lundu Mbulo was stoned to death by villagers after he admonished a girl pupil whom he found with a boy.

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