Government calls for concerted efforts in fight against climate change

Government has appealed for concerted efforts in the fight against global warming and climate change.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says government and stakeholders in the province should not sit back and watch these global effects.

Speaking at the 6th roundtable meeting in Chipata today Mr Kasolo says government and stakeholders should find ways and means of how to lessen the effects of climate change and global warming.

Mr Kasolo says the province has not been spared from the effects of global warming and climate change which include droughts and floods.

He says government is spending colossal sums of money in mitigating the effects of climate change and global warming, adding that the money could have been used in other areas of development.

Mr. Kasolo says for the past three years government priority has been to safeguard the environment in order to reduce climate change and global warming.



He says most of these environmental threats are as a result of human activities like deforestation, unsustainable charcoal production, bad farming practices, illegal timber harvesting, poaching, and encroachment in protected areas.

Mr Kasolo warned that deforestation and depletion of wildlife resources if left unchecked will lead to unsustainable livelihood.

The meeting has drawn participants from all districts in Eastern Province and administrative officers from Muchinga province.

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