Government calls for professionalism in handling cases of Gender Based Violence in Eastern Province.

Government says cases of Gender Based Violence, GBVs, in Eastern Province have to be handled in a professional manner in order to bring perpetrators to book.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba, says that in most cases, perpetrators of GBVs are set free without proper explanations.
Mr. Mwamba says that this is why police officers, Medical doctors and magistrates have to treat such cases professionally so that the culprits are convicted.
Mr. Mwamba says that defilement cases, rape and other related cases that happen within families are not reported to relevant authorities resulting in culprits escaping justice.
He says that situations like these contribute to the rise in such cases.
Mr. Mwamba was speaking during the official opening of a workshop for Medical doctors, Magistrates and prosecutors organised by the department of Gender Based Violence in Chipata.
And Mr. Mwamba says that reports of GBV have continued to escalate not only in Eastern Province but in the country as a whole.
He says that government has put up a law to have district attorneys which will help decentralise the DPP, Director of Public Prosecutions office for justice to be administered in a fair manner.

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