Government challenged to ensure farmers get good prices for all crops.

Villagers in Paramount Chief Mpezini’s area have called on government to find ways of ensuring that there is a good price for crops that are not bought by government.
Headman Soloka-msekani says that briefcase buyers of crops such as soya beans, sunflower and groundnuts take advantage to offer low prices because government does not regulate the pricing.
He complained that this has led to continued poverty among small scale farmers because they do not make full benefits from their farming activities.
Headman Soloka-msekani also urged government to open maize markets early.
He says that this will help to prevent farmers from selling their maize to briefcase buyers.
He also appealed to government to ensure that it drills boreholes in the area, as most villagers are facing a serious challenge to access safe clean drinking water.

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